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Mar 9, 2016

As if parenting we’re hard enough, you’ve recently experienced the death of someone you love. You’ve done your best to shelter your children from death, loss, and grief for their entire lives, and now it seems you have no choice but to allow these frightening realities into your family home.  Even if your child is not directly impacted by the loss, the pain of one family member often affects the family as a whole. In order for you, the parent or guardian, to be an engaged, patient, consistent, and loving presence, you have to deal with the intense emotional, mental, and physical impact of grief.  In this episode of the What's Your Grief podcast, we discuss the reasons why grieving parents and guardians tend to put their own grief on the back burner and we provide a rationale for why and how you should find time to cope with your grief related thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Show Notes: