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With New Years just a few days away, you may be tempted to make a resolution for 2016; especially if 2015 has been a tough year.  In this episode of the What's Your Grief Podcast, we discuss the positives, pitfalls, and practicalities of making a New Year's resolution when you're grieving.

Show Notes: www.whatsyourgrief.com/thirty-two

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In this episode of the What’s Your Grief podcast, we answer your questions about coping with holiday grief.

  • I’m worried the holidays will be very sad and glum. How can I be strong for everyone?
  • My loved one just died and now the holidays are here, what do I do?
  • The anniversary of my loved one’s death is right around the holidays, what do I do?
  • Is it okay if I skip the holidays altogether?
  • How do I politely respond to people who ask why I don’t like/celebrate the holidays?
  • How do I deal with feeling like a third wheel at holiday celebrations?
  • How do I support my grieving children at the holidays?

Show notes: www.whatsyourgrief.com/thirty-one

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